Corporate Finance

and Strategy

Creating exceptional value in a world rapidly shifting competitive advantage .

Uncertainity is accelerating with the half-life of leadership positions and business models is shortening. Winning in this environment takes two things; strategic insights into how the world is likely to change- and the ability to create value from those insights before the world changes again.

Leaders need to answer critical questions

How will changes in technology, regulation, and geopolitics affect business economics, customer priorities, competitive advantage and the universe of possible strategic moves?

Where and with which business models to we have the greatest right to win the future?

What is our value creation ambition and agenda?

What is the best way to allocate capital-within the business portfolio, to transactions, and to shareholder payouts, to realize that ambition and build the strongest business possible?

Are our strategy and finance functions world class and able to sustain superior performance well into the future?

Corporate Strategy

Ensuring that the whole business portfolio is worth more than the sum of its parts takes a clear corporate vision, a consistent parenting approach, smart capital allocation, and a compelling investor story.

Value Creation Strategy and Shareholder Activism Defense

Creating Peer-beating value is a universal aspiration. The best companies maximize their results by taking an iterative approach to shaping corporate, business, financial and investor strategies. And strong sustained value creation is the best defense against the rising tide of activism

Risk Management

Understanding, preparing for, and mitigating the landscape of risks-both strategic and operational-are crucial elements of strategy and protectors of value.

M&A, Transactions, Post-Merger Integration

Bringing a strategy to life-and accelerating value creation-often requires new skills, expanded market access and stopping some things while starting others. Transactions are a key lever, but more than half of deals destroy value.

What does it take to unlock potential?

Business Strategy

Delivering value-creating growth requires not only a sharp understanding of how the basis of competition is shifting but also the creativity to envision your organization’s unique path to win-and the resourcing and discipline to realize your vision.

Finance Function Excellence

Achieving superior business results require a world class finance function and an approach to financial management that is aligned with strategy, digital and adept at creating and sustaining a performance culture.

Strategic Planning Excellence

Staying ahead of-or leapfrogging-rivals demands a superior and always-on strategy function to envision the future, and your organization’s place in it, over and over again.